January 23rd Birthdays

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January 23rd, 1987 (January 23 1987)BirthFelicia Brandstrom, Swedish singer
January 23rd, 1986 (January 23 1986)BirthSteven Taylor, English footballer
January 23rd, 1985 (January 23 1985)BirthDong Fangzhuo, Chinese footballer
January 23rd, 1985 (January 23 1985)BirthDoutzen Kroes, Dutch supermodel
January 23rd, 1984 (January 23 1984)BirthArjen Robben, Dutch footballer
January 23rd, 1982 (January 23 1982)BirthWily Mo Pena, Dominican baseball player
January 23rd, 1981 (January 23 1981)BirthGreg Smith, American UFC fighter
January 23rd, 1981 (January 23 1981)BirthRob Friend, Canadian footballer
January 23rd, 1979 (January 23 1979)BirthSampsa Astala, Finnish musician (Lordi)
January 23rd, 1979 (January 23 1979)BirthLarry Hughes, American basketball player
January 23rd, 1979 (January 23 1979)BirthJuan Rincon, Venezuelan baseball player
January 23rd, 1976 (January 23 1976)BirthBrandon Duckworth, American baseball player
January 23rd, 1976 (January 23 1976)BirthAngelica Lee, Taiwanese actress and singerAng Lee Quotes
January 23rd, 1976 (January 23 1976)BirthNigel McGuinness, English professional wrestler
January 23rd, 1975 (January 23 1975)BirthTito Ortiz, American UFC fighter
January 23rd, 1974 (January 23 1974)BirthJoel Bouchard, Canadian ice hockey player
January 23rd, 1974 (January 23 1974)BirthRebekah Elmaloglou, Australian actress
January 23rd, 1974 (January 23 1974)BirthYosvani Perez, Cuban baseball player
January 23rd, 1974 (January 23 1974)BirthRichard T. Slone, British artist
January 23rd, 1974 (January 23 1974)BirthTiffani Thiessen, American actress
January 23rd, 1973 (January 23 1973)BirthLanei Chapman, American actress
January 23rd, 1972 (January 23 1972)BirthEwen Bremner, Scottish actor
January 23rd, 1972 (January 23 1972)BirthMark Curry, American rapper
January 23rd, 1972 (January 23 1972)BirthMarcel Wouda, Dutch swimmer
January 23rd, 1971 (January 23 1971)BirthKevin Mawae, American football player
January 23rd, 1971 (January 23 1971)BirthLorne Spicer, British TV presenter
January 23rd, 1970 (January 23 1970)BirthSpiridon Vasdekis, Greek long jumper
January 23rd, 1970 (January 23 1970)BirthTracey Cherelle Jones, American actress
January 23rd, 1969 (January 23 1969)BirthAriadna Gil, Spanish actress
January 23rd, 1969 (January 23 1969)BirthAndrei Kanchelskis, Ukrainian-Russian footballer
January 23rd, 1969 (January 23 1969)BirthBrendan Shanahan, Canadian ice hockey player
January 23rd, 1968 (January 23 1968)BirthPetr Korda, Czech tennis player
January 23rd, 1967 (January 23 1967)BirthNaim Suleymanoglu, Bulgaria-born Turkish weightlifter
January 23rd, 1964 (January 23 1964)BirthMariska Hargitay, American actress
January 23rd, 1964 (January 23 1964)BirthMario Roberge, Canadian ice hockey player
January 23rd, 1963 (January 23 1963)BirthGail O Grady, American actress
January 23rd, 1962 (January 23 1962)BirthElvira Lindo, Spanish writer and journalist
January 23rd, 1962 (January 23 1962)BirthVasia Panayopoulou, Greek actress
January 23rd, 1961 (January 23 1961)BirthMas Selamat bin Kastari, Singapore s most-wanted terror fugitive
January 23rd, 1960 (January 23 1960)BirthPatrick de Gayardon, French skydiver and skysurfing pioneer (died in 1998)
January 23rd, 1960 (January 23 1960)BirthJean-Francois Sauve, Canadian ice hockey player
January 23rd, 1959 (January 23 1959)BirthClive Bull, English radio talk show host
January 23rd, 1957 (January 23 1957)BirthPrincess Caroline of Monaco
January 23rd, 1957 (January 23 1957)BirthLou Schuler, American fitness journalist
January 23rd, 1954 (January 23 1954)BirthFranco De Vita, Venezuelan singer and songwriter
January 23rd, 1954 (January 23 1954)BirthEdward Ka-Spel, English musician (Legendary Pink Dots)
January 23rd, 1953 (January 23 1953)BirthAntonio Villaraigosa, Hispanic-American 52nd Mayor of Los Angeles
January 23rd, 1953 (January 23 1953)BirthRobin Zander, American singer (Cheap Trick)
January 23rd, 1950 (January 23 1950)BirthRichard Dean Anderson, American actor
January 23rd, 1950 (January 23 1950)BirthDanny Federici, American musician (Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band)Bruce Springsteen Quotes
January 23rd, 1950 (January 23 1950)BirthJohn Greaves, English musician (Henry Cow, National Health)
January 23rd, 1948 (January 23 1948)BirthAnita Pointer, American singer (Pointer Sisters)
January 23rd, 1947 (January 23 1947)BirthThomas R. Carper, American politician.
January 23rd, 1947 (January 23 1947)BirthMegawati Sukarnoputri, 5th President of Indonesia
January 23rd, 1946 (January 23 1946)BirthArnoldo Aleman, ex-president of Nicaragua
January 23rd, 1946 (January 23 1946)BirthDon Whittington, American businessman, car & airplane racer and convicted felon
January 23rd, 1945 (January 23 1945)BirthMike Harris, Canadian politician, Premier of Ontario
January 23rd, 1944 (January 23 1944)BirthRutger Hauer, Dutch actor
January 23rd, 1943 (January 23 1943)BirthGary Burton, American jazz vibraphonist
January 23rd, 1943 (January 23 1943)BirthGil Gerard, American actor
January 23rd, 1943 (January 23 1943)BirthMillie Jackson, American singer
January 23rd, 1942 (January 23 1942)BirthRazzak, Bangladeshi actor and director
January 23rd, 1940 (January 23 1940)BirthJohnny Russell, American country singer and songwriter (died in 2001)John Russell Quotes
January 23rd, 1939 (January 23 1939)BirthSonny Chiba, Japanese actor and martial artist Martial Quotes
January 23rd, 1939 (January 23 1939)BirthArlene Golonka, American actress
January 23rd, 1938 (January 23 1938)BirthShohei Baba, Japanese professional wrestler (died in 1999)
January 23rd, 1938 (January 23 1938)BirthGeorg Baselitz, German painter and sculptor
January 23rd, 1936 (January 23 1936)BirthJerry Kramer, American football player
January 23rd, 1936 (January 23 1936)BirthBob Moses, American educator and 1960s Civil Rights Movement activist
January 23rd, 1934 (January 23 1934)BirthPierre Bourgault, Quebec politician and essayist (died in 2003)
January 23rd, 1933 (January 23 1933)BirthChita Rivera, Puerto Rican actress and dancer
January 23rd, 1930 (January 23 1930)BirthDerek Walcott, West Indian writer, Nobel laureateDerek Walcott Quotes
January 23rd, 1930 (January 23 1930)BirthTeresa Zylis-Gara, Polish singer
January 23rd, 1929 (January 23 1929)BirthPatriarch Filaret (Mykhailo Denysenko) of Ukrainian Orthodox ChurchKyiv Patriarchate
January 23rd, 1929 (January 23 1929)BirthJohn Charles Polanyi, Canadian chemist, Nobel laureate
January 23rd, 1928 (January 23 1928)BirthChico Carrasquel, Venezuelan baseball player (died in 2005)
January 23rd, 1928 (January 23 1928)BirthJeanne Moreau, French actress
January 23rd, 1927 (January 23 1927)BirthLars-Eric Lindblad, Swedish-American entrepreneur and explorer (died in 1994)
January 23rd, 1924 (January 23 1924)BirthBal Thackeray, founder and president of Indian political party Shiv Sena.
January 23rd, 1923 (January 23 1923)BirthWalter M. Miller, Jr., American writer (died in 1996)
January 23rd, 1923 (January 23 1923)BirthCot Deal, major league baseball player and coach
January 23rd, 1919 (January 23 1919)BirthErnie Kovacs, American comedian (died in 1962)Ernie Kovacs Quotes
January 23rd, 1919 (January 23 1919)BirthBob Paisley, English Football player and manager. (died in 1996)Bob Paisley Quotes
January 23rd, 1919 (January 23 1919)BirthHans Hass, Austrian zoologist and underwater scientist
January 23rd, 1918 (January 23 1918)BirthGertrude B. Elion, American scientist, Nobel laureate (died in 1999)
January 23rd, 1916 (January 23 1916)BirthAirey Neave, British Major, politician and indictment server at the Nuremberg Trials (died in 1979)
January 23rd, 1916 (January 23 1916)BirthDavid Douglas Duncan, American photo-journalist
January 23rd, 1915 (January 23 1915)BirthPotter Stewart, U.S. Supreme Court Justice (died in 1985)
January 23rd, 1915 (January 23 1915)BirthArthur Lewis, British economist, Nobel laureate (died in 1991)
January 23rd, 1910 (January 23 1910)BirthDjango Reinhardt, Belgian guitarist (died in 1953)
January 23rd, 1907 (January 23 1907)BirthDan Duryea, American actor (died in 1968)
January 23rd, 1907 (January 23 1907)BirthHideki Yukawa, Japanese physicist, Nobel laureate (died in 1981)
January 23rd, 1903 (January 23 1903)BirthJorge Eliecer Gaitan, Colombian politician (died in 1948)
January 23rd, 1900 (January 23 1900)BirthWilliam Ifor Jones, Welsh conductor and organist (died in 1988)
January 23rd, 1899 (January 23 1899)BirthGlen Kidston, British aviator and racing driver (died in 1931)
January 23rd, 1898 (January 23 1898)BirthSergei Eisenstein, Russian film director (died in 1948)
January 23rd, 1898 (January 23 1898)BirthFreda Utley, British scholar and author (died in 1978)
January 23rd, 1898 (January 23 1898)BirthRandolph Scott, American actor (died in 1987)
January 23rd, 1897 (January 23 1897)BirthSubhas Chandra Bose, Indian independence fighter (died in 1945)
January 23rd, 1897 (January 23 1897)BirthSir William Samuel Stephenson, Canadian soldier, W.W.II codename, Intrepidied in Inspiration for James Bondied in (died in 1989)William James Quotes
January 23rd, 1897 (January 23 1897)BirthMargarete Schutte-Lihotzky, Austrian architect (died in 2000)
January 23rd, 1897 (January 23 1897)BirthNetaji Subhash Chandra Bose, Indian Leader and Freedom Fighter (died in Unknown, Disputed)Subhash Chandra Bose Quotes
January 23rd, 1896 (January 23 1896)BirthCharlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg (died in 1985)
January 23rd, 1891 (January 23 1891)BirthAntonio Gramsci, Italian political philosopher, (died in 1937)Antonio Gramsci Quotes
January 23rd, 1884 (January 23 1884)BirthRalph DePalma, Italian-American race car driver (died in 1956)
January 23rd, 1876 (January 23 1876)BirthOtto Diels, German chemist, Nobel laureate (died in 1954)
January 23rd, 1872 (January 23 1872)BirthGoce Delchev, a revolutionary from the Balkansleader of the Internal Macedonian Revolutionary Organization (died in 1903)
January 23rd, 1872 (January 23 1872)BirthPaul Langevin, French physicist (died in 1946)
January 23rd, 1872 (January 23 1872)BirthJoze Plecnik, Slovenian architect (died in 1957)
January 23rd, 1862 (January 23 1862)BirthDavid Hilbert, German mathematician (died in 1943)
January 23rd, 1857 (January 23 1857)BirthAndrija Mohorovicic, Croatian seismologist (died in 1936)
January 23rd, 1855 (January 23 1855)BirthJohn Moses Browning, American inventor (died in 1926)
January 23rd, 1840 (January 23 1840)BirthErnst Abbe, German physicist (died in 1905)
January 23rd, 1832 (January 23 1832)BirthEdouard Manet, French artist (died in 1883)
January 23rd, 1827 (January 23 1827)BirthTakamori Saigo, Samurai, leader of Satsuma rebellion (died in 1877)
January 23rd, 1813 (January 23 1813)BirthCamilla Collett, Norwegian writer and feminist (died in 1895)Camilla Collett Quotes
January 23rd, 1786 (January 23 1786)BirthAuguste de Montferrand, French architect (died in 1858)
January 23rd, 1783 (January 23 1783)BirthStendhal, French writer (died in 1842)
January 23rd, 1745 (January 23 1745)BirthWilliam Jessop, English canal engineer (died in 1814)
January 23rd, 1737 (January 23 1737)BirthJohn Hancock, American statesman (died in 1793)
January 23rd, 1719 (January 23 1719)BirthJohn Landen, English mathematician (died in 1790)
January 23rd, 1688 (January 23 1688)BirthQueen Ulrika Eleonora of Sweden (died in 1741)
January 23rd, 1350 (January 23 1350)BirthVincent Ferrer, Spanish missionary and saint (died in 1419)

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